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Grower Foam – Grow Lettuce

Lettuce is a surprisingly easy crop to grow indoors. It has a short-term but plentiful yield and only requires minimal care: standard potting soil, a little water, and a lot of sun is all it really takes.


  1. Choose a lettuce variety well-suited for container gardening. Loose-leaf varieties are the easiest to grow indoors, especially if the name includes “baby” or “little.”
  2. Select a medium-sized plastic container. Lettuce does not have a particularly deep root system, so a medium container should offer plenty of room.
  3. Pour one or two dozen seeds into your non-dominant hand. Pinch each seed in between the index and thumb of your dominant hand, and add a seed to a dibble hole.
  4. Water your plant every other day to keep the foam moist. Your lettuce may need more or less frequent watering, depending on how warm and sunny your home is.
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