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Horticube XL Top 10 Facts

Oasis Grower Solutions have worked on improving its products. Last year Horticube XL launch into the market.

Here are Horticube XL Top 10 Facts:

1. Sterile media, that allows for clean and pathogen free start.

2. Engineered media with the perfect air to water ratio for fast germination.

3. No fertilizer is added, this allows for total nutrition control.

4. Wide range of configurations and sizes for spacing and timing freedom.

5. Specialized media density for fast and easy root penetration.

6. Uniform moisture throughout the media regardless irrigation method.

7. Consistent dibble hole spacing permits automated seeding.

8. Horticube XL Boosts root development to new speeds for maximum scheduling flexibility.

9. Using Oasis Hydroponic Fertilizer 16-4-17 in the initial watering ensures optimal performance.

10. Rectangular shape ensures flat bottom and ease of standing when added to hydroponics finishing systems.

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