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Allowing People To Express Themselves Through Foam

Allowing People to Express Themselves Through Foam

This summer the sculpture and installation artists; Lili Huston-Herterich, Nadia Belerique, and Laurie Kang created an interactive exhibition that incorporated Smithers Oasis Engineered Products Products.  The exhibition was located at Rockaway Beach in Queens, NY and ran from the last week of June to the middle of July 2016.  The exhibitors set up their temporary gallery in newly renovated spaces that after the conclusion of the interactive exhibit were turned over to local businesses to continue with the lease and rehabilitate the local neighborhood and stimulate the local economy.

The exhibition estimated foot traffic flow of approx. 60 people per day enjoying and immersing in the art.  As you can see from the pictures the artists developed a very interactive exhibit that was meant to be touched, felt, and embraced to gain the full experience.

We at Smithers are helping people express their feelings through flowers…at this sculpture exhibition the artists are allowing people to express themselves through foam.

The artists were very thankful for Smithers Oasis Engineered Products support for the foam media to make this exhibition piece possible.  The artists feel that our Smithers Oasis Engineered Product is a fantastic medium in which to create art as it is a very novel material with very interesting features – features that make people want to go up and touch and interact with the exhibit piece.

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At the conclusion of the show the foam was donated to local florists.