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International Rock Climbing Foam Carving

International Rock Climbing Foam Carving

Late this past summer we sold a sample box containing 12 different types of foam to a client overseas.  The client was looking for just the right foam to make specific type carvings to be used in a molding application.  A few weeks later we received a request for our Sahara II foam. After trialing all the foams in the sample box, this was the “best” foam for the client’s application.  Like any business people would do…we sold the next lot of foam.  The client specified what dimensions he was looking for, and it was on to production.

We followed up to make sure everything arrived in good condition and see if he needed anything else.

His reply was, “all is good and I will send some pics over of my little creations.”

This person is a fantastic sculptor.  To take a block of foam and turn it into the following shapes is a testament to the artisan ability of our clients.  The little yellow blocks are finished product from his transformation process.  These pieces were made from the foam in the sample box.

The large green shape in the picture with the guitar is a representation of a “Tufa”.  This Tufa is a variety of limestone that forms when carbonate minerals precipitate out of ambient temperature water (Wiki).  Our client said that this Tufa replica will be used in the fabrication of a rock climbing wall.

My personal favorite is the UFO shape. My kids love the dragon.  If I ever find myself in our client’s country I might have to look him up to see his studio and to see some more of the great creations he is making with our Smithers Oasis Engineered Products.

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