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South Carolina – Capital Climbing

South Carolina – Capital Climbing

The company started as a hobby making small scale rock climbing molds from foam purchased at Walmart and Michael’s.  The finished size piece was 2” to 4” in diameter.  The company’s founder and CEO, Chris, started making his own rock holds because he wanted more than what was available in the market.  After Chris designed and built a few different holds he realized the quality of his finished products were on par or superior to the products that were currently available.

That spark started the business…

Soon after taking a few of his favorite designs to market Chris was selling pieces to areas all over the world.

Chris then realized that a new market opportunity presented itself in that climbers were looking for larger holds.  Why?  Because the larger manufactured climbing holds have more holding and climbing positions – essentially these holds are more diverse and aesthetically pleasing.  These larger holds made by Capital Climbing replicated the experience of climbing a rock face more likely to be encounter in Mother Nature than a gym or other synesthetic man made climbing structures.

Bottom Line is Capital Climbing is making fantastic holds that rock climbers the world over love.

Check out Capital Climbing is you want to see and buy the finished product.

Check out Smithers Oasis Engineered Products if you want to buy the foam to make your imagination a reality.