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Craft Foam Decoration At The Father Daughter Dance

Craft Foam Decoration at the Father Daughter Dance

A while back my wife was part of the planning committee for the Father Daughter Dance.  She was trying to come up with craft ideas for the girls to do during the event.  In my opinion one of the best ideas she came up with was using our foam to keep these young minds having fun during the dance.  She asked me if we could have some foam for the kids to make mementos of the evening.  I asked her what she had in mind…she said they could make hand prints to remember the occasion.  We determined the foam size that would hold a little girls hand and would allow her to decorate the borders.

Smithers Oasis Engineered Products supplied some of our Temperature Controlled Packaging foam to the event.  This type of foam is “firmer” than our impression foam but still soft enough that little ladies in third and fourth grade can put hand prints into the foam.

Of course, the little ones could also take pencils to scratch their names into the surface as well as put gems into the foam and color the foam with various types of paint.

The activity was well received and both Fathers and Daughters enjoyed putting their hands and names into the foam.

At the end of the night we had a bunch of tired girls with memories of the event…and one very happy mom that her foam craft idea was a hit with the crowd.



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