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Dmitry And 3-D Foam Vultures

Dmitry and 3-D Foam Vultures

Every so often we hear from our friend in the Ukraine.  Over the holidays he was taking some of the high density (HD) foam and making some vultures.

This guy is a jack of all trades with foam. From designing – to carving – to molding – and then to completion, this is quite the transformation process. He must possess a variety of skills to bring his ideas to fruition. He utilizes design, artistry, sculpting, engineering, carpentry, & sometimes a little chemistry to complete his projects.

We are always impressed with his ability to transform a block of foam into whatever his imagination dreams up. If he can imagine it, he can make it.

We asked him what his secret is to making such great holds and he shared the following link with us on how he learned to transform foam blocks into climbing holds and other shapes.  This is a great reference by Three Ball Climbing, with step by step instructions and detailed photos showing you the entire process from start to finish.

To make it simple this is the three-part process:

‘Carving shapes from the foam – Covering it with silicone – Molding with PU’.