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Addition Of Poly Urethane Foam To The Smithers Oasis Product Portfolio

Addition of Poly Urethane foam to the Smithers Oasis product portfolio

As mentioned in the previous blog post, we have acquired some new researchers to our organization with a different chemical background.  These researchers have come from the Poly Urethane industry.

With new additions to the organization we are adding to our core capabilities.  In this instance, it is chemistry that is adjacent to our current phenolic foam technology.

Since this type of foam is new and novel to the North American Smithers Oasis organization, we are interested in seeing if this is a new horizon for the company or just an addition of a new foam type.

The Poly Urethane chemistry we have added will make a rigid 6 PCF product.

Below are some pictures of the foam that we have made for our first Poly Urethane customers: