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Smithers-Oasis BIO FOAM As A Packaging Material

Smithers-Oasis BIO FOAM as a packaging Material

“Happy Birthday – Ma”

My kids like to make crafty stuff for all of us in the family.  This was an art project where my kids took a ceramic tea pot, painted it and then turned it into a “watering flower pot”.

The interesting thing from a foam usage perspective is that we needed to get the tea pot and cups home to Ma without damage.  We didn’t have packaging peanuts or bubble wrap (obvious choices right), so we used what we had in the garage…some Bio Foam in a fold over kit.

The end result is that the tea pot and cups stayed in place for the ride home without sustaining damage.  Could we use this set up to ship across the country…I am not sure….but if you would like a sample of this foam (or other we manufacture and carry) to try and ship your items please give us a try.