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Egg Drop Competition – Science Engineering Technology And Mathematics (STEM) Project

Egg Drop Competition – Science Engineering Technology and Mathematics (STEM) Project

Looking for a winning design for the Egg Drop competition at your school, academy, or college?

Let Smithers Oasis Engineered Products help supply the material you need for the winning design.

We have a variety of foam material to help make a composite design that should stand up to the competition.  The foam can be cut to any dimension (<16”) to fit the design parameters of your scholastic department.

The foam material we have is extremely light weight – and will conform to any shape.

We have conducted our own egg drop competition and the rules, parameters, and results are as follows:

Rules:   Total package weight (without egg) is less than 1 pound (454 grams)

Parameters:       Dropped from second story office building

Must land on the tree lawn between the sidewalk and the road


Have a look at how we packaged the Egg and watch how the test went.


Check out how the test went:


Ok the initial prototypes worked and no eggs broke during the testing.  Easy?!?!  Sure, it’s the best foam in the world for this application.  So, the personnel at Smithers Oasis Engineered Products took the Egg drop competition to new heights – literally.

We talked with the construction crew as they were nearing completion of a new apartment complex behind our office.

We handed the construction crew three boxes of foam each with an egg inside.