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Smithers-Oasis Engineered Products Properties

Smithers-Oasis phenolic foam is an expanded foam with controllable cell size. Phenolic foam can be molded into different shapes and sizes with ordinary working tools. It is self-extinguishing and exhibits fire retardant properties. It is excellent as a thermal insulation foam and capable of meeting international building regulation requirements.

Specific properties include:

Specific PropertiesUnits
Foam strength172. 37 to 1172.11 mbar

2.5 to 100 PSI
Water absorption0 to 98 percent
Density15-300 Kg/m3

0.94 to 18.7 pcf
DrainageUp to 100 percent
Thermal conductivityMore than 0.02 – up to 0.025 W/(m K)

More than 0.14 – up to 0.174 Btu/(ft h°F)
Closed cell contentLess than five percent
Open cell contentMore than 95 percent
Limited oxygen content30 percent
pH level3 to 8
Processing dimensionsStandard sizes to 24" by 49" by 49", larger shapes and custom shapes on request
ColorsA variety of colors are available, depending on foam type
Acoustic0.7 Normal incident sound absorption coefficient
Energy when burned28,144.6 KJ/Kg

12,000 BTU/Lbs
Ash content when burned5.04 percent
Flame retardancyClass 2 (KS F 2271)

Properties include

  • Controlled cell size foam
  • Excellent strength to density relationship
  • Self-extinguishing and exhibits fire retardant properties
  • Excellent as thermal insulation
  • Capable of meeting international building regulation requirements
  • Non-flammable, but will support combustion by direct contact with open flame or exposure to temperature in the range of 315°C (600°F)
  • Can be carbonized

Information and ordering

For more information, customization requests, and to order Smithers-Oasis Engineered Products, contact us at +1 (330) 945-5124, by email, or this form. Smithers-Oasis Engineered Products are available in small or bulk quantities and can be shipped anywhere in the world.