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Smithers Oasis Engineered Products produces foam based on Phenolic Chemistry.  The foam we manufacture and fabricate is produced locally at the Smithers Operating units, which allows us to have greater flexibility when servicing our clients.  We strive to have our foams match what the local market is demanding.  It is this market demand that pushes Smithers Oasis Engineered Products to create Phenolic foam types that match market demands.

Typically, we have foam that ranges the following values:

  • Compression strength of 2.0 PSI to 100 PSI (on average)
  • The density is < 1 PCF to 6 PCF (on average)
Smithers Oasis Engineered Products sample box

We at Smithers Oasis Engineered Products have been able to manipulate the base chemistry to allow our foams the ability to soak water, ionic solutions, solutions that have pH’s that range from 1 to 13, hydrocarbons, and oils to name a few.  With this manipulation of the base chemistry was have been able to make “open celled foam” that absorbs fluids mainly water – and “closed cell foam” that mainly repels water.

The typical uses for our foams and foam products are in the following industries:

Floriculture Industry – arrangements, floral designs, living walls and decorations.

Horticulture Industry – growing and propagation of plant cuttings and seeds.  This is for the ornamental flower market to the extremely efficient indoor farms that produce vegetables and herbs.

Impression Industry – molds and reliefs of body parts – typically feet – to allow the producers of custom orthotics the ability to make precise and custom pieces for their clients.

Absorbent Industry – our product has been processed into a fine powder that absorbs a host of materials.  Please view the Absorbent foam page to find out more.

Milling Foam – This high density foam is used as a basis for prototyping parts for scale up in different industries.

Carving Foam – This is a high density foam that is used as a wood substitute to make carvings and crafts.

Temperature Controlled Packaging – This is a lightweight fluid absorbing foam that is used to regulate the internal temperature of packages.  Typically the materials in the package are very sensitive to extremes in temperature (think medicine, vaccines, insulin, antibiotics, living cultures and tissue).

If you want to feel and try our different types of foam, buy a sample box that includes 12 different types of foam.