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We look forward to partnering with you to solve your unique applications with our phenolic foam.


absorbent foam application

Absorbent Foam

packaging foam application

Packaging Foam

cutting foam application

Cutting and Carving Foam

Craft and Prop Foam

grower foam application

Grower Foam

floral foam

Floral Foam

custom foam

Bulk Foam


Smithers-Oasis Engineered Products is a division of the Smithers-Oasis. We specialize in different and custom applications for foam.

Smithers-Oasis phenolic foam is an expanded foam with engineered final properties. It can be molded into different shapes and sizes with ordinary working tools. Our foam is self-extinguishing and exhibits fire retardant properties. The material is excellent as a thermal insulation foam and capable of meeting international building regulation requirements. One of the engineered properties we change to meet different custom applications is the  strength to density ratio. Our foam is impressionable. It can be used as a filter in carbon molecular sieve manufacturing once it has been carbonized.  The foam can be designed to be lightweight and super absorbent, leaving less material to remove and dispose.  The foam can be made into a dense material and used in milling, molding, and prototyping applications.

Different uses of Smithers-Oasis Engineered Products are: absorbent foam, floral foam, agricultural foam, medical impression foam, prop foam, sculpting foam, temperature control packaging foam, packaging foam, material handling foam, craft, and custom foam.