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Smithers Oasis Engineered Products’ QMS Implementation

Smithers Oasis Engineered Products’ QMS Implementation

We manufacture temperature-controlled tertiary packaging solutions for the biggest names in the cold chain industry, both food and pharmaceuticals.  Our products are phenolic foam bricks, a key component of an “ice brick” refrigerant used in temperature controlled packaging solutions. These big names regularly audit our production site, which is another reason for us to pay special attention to the quality of our tertiary packaging refrigerant solutions.

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Smithers Oasis Engineered Products has implemented a quality management system (QMS) for its foam brick manufacturing process.  Further, we are in the process of an ISO-9001:2015 deployment for our U.S. facility in Kent, Ohio.  Organizational methods, management of non-conformities, followed by client satisfaction are some of the criteria considered by the ISO 9001 certification which standardizes the quality management system.

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