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University Of Akron – Smithers Absorbent Foam Test

University of Akron – Smithers Absorbent Foam Test

Dr. George G. Chase, Professor Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering at the University of Akron tested the properties of Smithers Absorbent Foam.

Test1: Porosity: The porosity is a measure of how much empty space is available for liquid absorption into the sample structure

Smithers Absorbent Result: Smithers Absorbent are highly porous (94-97 % void space). This means the material has much room for holding liquid.  Fibrous materials typically have porosity in the 80-99% range. Granular materials typically have porosity in the 30-50% range.

Test2: Droplet Contact Angles: The droplet contact angles were measured using a Kruss Drop Shape Analyzer using drops of water and ultra-low sulfur diesel fuel on the outer surface of the test samples.  These contact angles give an indication whether the outer surface is wetted or not wetted by the test liquids. These droplet contact angles do not give a measure of the wettability of the interior of the material.

Smithers Absorbent Results: Smithers Absorbent foam is close to zero degrees. This means that the surface of the material is easily wetted by both polar liquids (water) and non-polar liquids (hydrocarbons, diesel).

To review all the results use this link.